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  • Clinker tile cladding Clinker

    Clinker tile is a perfect cladding option for any structure. Thanks to its dense structure, the tilework protects a building from ambient impacts and guarantees 50 year service life for its facade. When combined with Bricksave XC30 joint filler, clinker tile cladding forms a durable fire-retardant system resistant to freeze and thaw cycles, aggressive environment and ultraviolet for years to come without minor repairs.
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  • Facade finishing solutions

    Cladding brickworks are believed to be among the most popular facade finishing practices.This tried and true material can easily withstand elements and allows you to preserve structural beauty and reliability for generations to come. Brickwork cladding fits to any construction material used for buildings: aerated or foam concrete, limestone, ceramic blocks and even timber.Today’s facing materials include ceramic, silicate, hand-formed clinker and other brick type. Finishing brickworks are built once and forever and therefore require careful material approach. And here bricks + Brickform MS11 or Brickform MS11/1 colored masonry mortar are your first choice combinations. Furthermore, the brickwork technology should be observed and all relevant codes and regulations respected.
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  • Plaster facade finishing (composite heat insulating facade systems with pinned or pivoting insulator)

    As a common European insulation and stylish practice, plaster facade (composite heat insulation facade system as worded in (GOST R 53786 2010), is essentially a package of materials, products, concepts and engineering solutions. Historically, plaster facades are classified as pinned or pivoting insulator types. It can be combined with various wet-application coats: plasters, putties, primers and paints. Plaster facade is an affordable and easy way to finish your building. Moreover, it performs especially well in treacherous Russian weather. An insulated facade cuts up to 30%. of HVAC costs. It can be implement in a vast range of design solutions for modern finishing projects and facilities and requires no additional reinforcement of a building foundation, which are major advantages. Even such a small investment would benefit to a new color pattern or refreshed facade appearance. Plaster facade finishing can be used both in ongoing constructions and revamping projects.
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    Combined facade isessentially a combination of plaster facade and brickwork cladding. Here, plasters, paints and primers perform as a shield and decoration. Sophisticated components, window and door openings, joints and corners of a building can be clad with decorative brickworks, to creating one-of-a-kind appearance with our hybrid system.Brickwork cladding can also be oftentimes seen at basements both as decoration and improvement of their impact resilience, damp proofing and freezing resistance properties.
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