OSNOVIT PLITSAVE XE15 Е epoxy joint grout

OSNOVIT PLITSAVE XE15 Е epoxy joint grout

Пропорция отвердителя

При использовании эпоксидной затирки, произведённой до 27.11.2023, применяйте пропорцию: 3,5 г отвердителя на 100 г затирочной пасты.

При использовании эпоксидной затирки, произведённой с 27.11.2023 включительно, применяйте пропорцию: 5 г отвердителя на 100 г затирочной пасты.

Не смешивайте затирки из разных партий!


OSNOVIT PLITSAVE XE15 Е epoxy joint grout Can be applied on concrete, cement-sand or cement-lime substrates, gypsum boards, chip boards or materials subject to distortion loads caused by temperature and humidity fluctuations (underfloor heating systems, shower and bath rooms, kitchens, swimming pools, saunas and steam baths, on terraces and balconies). The grout notably excels in areas exposed to aggressive substances, and at the continuously interacting areas (shower doors etc.)

Used to fill joints in any glass tile or mosaic types, ceramic or porcelain tiles, natural and artificial stones (including clinker tiles), glass blocks..

  • work gloves included
  • non-fading
  • for indoor and outdoor applications


Shelf life in closed factory package 24 months in factory package in dry environment at +5 °C ... +35 °C. Can be transported under refrigeration.Withstands 5 freezing cycles. *When transported below 0°C, the product may be used not earlier than 24 hours after curing in the room, at a temperature of +25 ±5°C. Defrost without forced heating

Color perceived varies with illumination level, finish material, day time and other conditions.When using the material, make sure your troweling tools are free from any contaminants and leave no traces on the material and the substrate to avoid changes in final joint colors.

Please note that colors noted in the specifications correspond to fully cured material only.


Standard (concrete, plastered, brick), complex non-deformable (foam and aerated concrete, or plaster, drywall or cement boards) or deformable (chip boards etc.) materials.

The material is popular with food and alcohol industrial facilities: kitchen work surfaces, battery rooms, car washes, therapy tanks, breweries, silos, animal premises, dairies, cheese factories, laboratories, etc..

Used with this material


Joint width
-horizontal surface 1-15 мм
-vertical surface 1-10 мм
Life time 60 min
Walking in 24 h
Full load 5 days
Full chemical resistance 14 days
Application ambient temperature +12...+30°С
Weight 1 kg , 2 kg



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Organizer: Technical Center CEDRUS